Sunday, December 30, 2012

a christmas walk!!!!

Hi my fashion travellers!!! :)
And finally, near the end of the year, it's about time to sum everything up. I think that i am ready to say a big goodbye to the year 2012! It has been a very tiring year with many difficulties, anxiety, arguing, fighting, jealousy, illnesses, separations and many other hard feelings! I have to admit that i wasn't used to all these but i think that it was a little too tough to take it all in one year. But nevertheless it had its good times as well. I will always remember it since that's when i met the man of my dreams. Also i realized how lucky i am to have my precious family by my side and who are my real friends. But most importantly it helped me find happiness in my everyday life. In "small" things that we usually ignore. I have been taught so many things that will help me avoid making the same mistakes again! I have to thank you for all these 2012!

 I wish that 2013 will be a little kinder to all of us! Happy new year to everyone, full of happiness and joy but most of all health! Because without health everything else is just pointless.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Christmas decoration!!!!

Goodmorning my ladies!!!!
December has finally come and i couldn't welcome any other way this shining and holy month!! I prepared a short post about our Christmas decoration here at home! Have you started decorating yet...??
I wish you all have a great time during holidays!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

something more economic!!! :)

Hello my fashion travellers!!!How are you???
Every day I look with admiration millions of Blogs!! I find my mind wandering in the colours, designs and all kinds of different styles!! Different kind of ideas pop up in my mind, and shopping obsesion suddenly appears. I want to buy everything that's in fashion and i realise that 
i overdid it when i buy something and wear it two or three times only to get bored of it and finally give it away to someone who truly needs it! And like if its not enough already, X-mas is coming!!! A very well-known holiday for giving, like this is the only time that people are in need, but on the other hand u see everyone shopping like crazy! We have the best of all excuses afterall, its Christmas! Out of all this pointless waste of money, i woke up this morning thinking all about it and i decided to wear a very economic outfit...
  • And something last, fashion always recycles itself, a bit differently each time though, but you can always find an old clothing in your closet thats back in style! Besides if you really want to help you can always donate money!!! Those in need will use it in things that they need the most!